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Hi! :) I found you guys through an ad on facebook. I'm a hearing 32 year old female. I've actually never joined a site about hearing impaired people before. I've been interested in sign language and the hearing impaired since I was 10 years old and found an old book in the library and taught myself food, colors, and animal signs. In my senior year of high school, I started taking ASL courses at our local school for the deaf. I also took some classes in college, I actually got to skip the beginners course because we had already surpassed it in my other courses. My mom went with me to the courses at the school for the deaf and used to get sooo mad at me because she would study all week long, and I would just pick up the book on the day of class and she would get all these wrong answers and I would get like 2 wrong.

When I started college, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. On the one hand, I wanted to be an interpreter for the deaf on another, I really wanted to work with hearing impaired children. But, neither of those were apparently meant for me, there's no program in my state for getting certified as a sign language interpreter, or anything like it. The college I went to, only offered two sign language courses, I had taken or gotten credit for both of them. There was no other way for me to go, and then I ran out of money.

After I had ran out of money, I realized that I would really really like to be a librarian in an elementary school for the deaf. I absolutely LOVE to read and I love children and I love sign. It encompasses all my passions! *Shrug* Maybe someday.

It's been a while, since college and since my classes at the school for the deaf, so I'm a little rusty. :) But, I still find it fascinating, and sometimes have to really strain myself to not look if I see a couple of people signing to each other, I don't want to eavesdrop!

As it is, I tend to teach all my friends children some basic sign (and my step children!). They find it fun to learn, and I find it fun to teach! :) I even volunteered to teach a class at my step kids school (a "just for fun" class, not a graded one) but they had already found another person to take it.

People tend to ask me what got me so involved with sign. "Did/do you have a relative/friend who was/is deaf". And I have to answer no. I actually had never met a hearing impaired person until I started taking those classes at the school for the deaf. In fact, my first ASL teacher was deaf!

Boy, I guess I tend to run on a bit. heh. :D So, I'll leave you with some other facts about me. I have two "step" kids, girl and boy ages 12 and 10 (almost 11). I have a goddaughter and a godson as well, ages 4 and 7 (almost 8). I'm a moderator on an online trading forum (we have over 40,000 members), so I promise, I'll behave myself! I know what it's like! :D I'm currently unemployed, no one seems to be hiring here. That's about it! Any questions, feel free to ask me.



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Welcome to AllDeaf!

There are a lot of varieties on this forum and tons of widespread topics here. Feel free to participate around to say a piece! ;)

Again, Welcome Aboard!