I got new earmolds today also


Didn't want to intrude on Safarigirls post, so here's my go. It's been months of pain and annoyingness, finding a hearing aid that I'm ok with. Here's what I've come up with. Don't mind the blurriness please. My choices of camera were either my ipod touch or my nintendo dsi. I should get around to getting a camera :)



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Are those stars things on your aids permanent or are they stickers. They look awesome.

I've got red aids with clear battery draws and shoes and I'm getting new moulds on Wednesday. I chose blue in the end.


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As for the Tube Twist.. I figured, why not? I like that a little kid is taking initiative and doing something.. so supporting her is not a problem. Plus they are cool lol :)

I agree. I have the snakes and also purple Tube Twists.