I desire to learn ASL, help??


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Im 19 years old. Since i was young i have wanted to learn asl. I do not know anyone who is Deaf or HOH in my community. Could someone help? I know some basics, but even then im not sure if im signing correctly


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I live in St. George. Are there any free groups down here to learn? I am slowly going deaf. I am completely deaf in my left ear, and a 20 percent loss in my right one. The Doctors expect me to lose my hearing entirely at some point. I'd rather learn now how to communicate than to the point where I cannot hear anything.


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There is a Deaf center in St. George, it is some where by Dixie State College, if this helps, they might have information on free groups, they also have ice cream socials every second Friday of the month at Iceberg. I know Iceberg is free, but I don't know about the groups. Hope this helps.