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Dear community,

I am writing to you because I want to develop a device that will help people with hearing and speech impairment to be able to use any smartphone in daily calls.

How it will work:
The user will have to connect the device to his/her smartphone through Bluetooth and will have to install an app. The device will monitor the call and will send the information to the app. The app will use 2 artificial intelligence modules, one for speech recognition and one for text to speech.
The cost of this solution will be just the device itself and I think will be somewhere between $25-$35.
This solution would solve the cost, the design, privacy and monitoring problems of actual solutions.
I would like to know, from your point of view, if you think this solution would be more useful than the existing solutions out there.

Any advice that you can give me to develop this project would be much appreciated.

Thank you,