I am responsible for my son's hearing loss.


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Thank you all for your kind support.

I never cried in front of my son, and he didn't know anything about that.

My sleep gets better, but still, wake up around 2 or 3 daily, then fall asleep then wake up again...

I know there is nothing I can do.


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my mom didn't want me to be born, all because i am a girl. my brother had a german measles and she took him to hospital and got better. me? i caught the virus of it. did she took care of me? no. she abandoned me and have my dad or oldest "little" sis took care of me. they didn't realized i lost hearing. when they found out, dad can't accept me, thinking i am dumb and not a normal child. mom doesn't want to take blame. mom kept saying u aren't hearing impaired, u just lost your hearing. come on mom, really ??