I am looking for a serious relationship that anyone from Chinese women welcome here

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I guess he prefer asian girls much better than white or black or brown because, Asian's privates are tightness holes. Oops, excuse my dirty mind.


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Guess that makes you an immature 8 year old boy? :lol:

8 year old boy learns to drive... :lol:



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That is pretty low. Lowest maintenance and most submissive will be a sex worker with a contract for submissive. He could get a dominator, too, if desired.

It's kinda true. I don't think he will turn down a dominator. On my dates, hearing guys ranted to me about their ex-wives and ex-girlfriends how much demanding and high maintenance they were. I had a strange talk with a medical scientist. He was married to a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader. The problem is she insisted a high maintenance lifestyle. He couldn't handle it any longer, so he ditched her. He wanted to talk to me again, but I had to turn him down because he is weird and is so obsessed with asking medical questions about my health. I didn't want to be one of his medical projects for one of his researches. Another guy I went out with once had to break up with his demanding girlfriend. He said that If you offer her $5,000 rock, she will call it a big deal breaker. Her condition requires at LEAST $25,000 rock.
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