I accept the challenge to take as much questions as much as possible..


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Fire away.

EDIT: Someone told me to post a thread to welcome people to ask questions about ME.

I wasnt' thinking when I posted this thread..lol

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Originally posted by ChelEler
Why do a store have a lock on doors if it stays open 24/7?

I'm trying to answer everyone's question..

but this one will be the last question I'll answer that is totally unrelated to me. lol

They forget to unlock it. I guess.


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Originally posted by SilenceGold
Everyone, just reread what I edited my post..lol

:rofl: You're so cute! No wonder I love to throw hard questions at you. ;)

Where are you from?
I'm sure you're deaf, right? If so, then do you enjoy living in silence?
Is that why your screenname is created because of my previous question? ;)


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Originally posted by Lasza
Why UFO keep coming to the Earth?? me curious to see ur answer.

Ok ok..that one is last question unrelated to me.

To ask me for help to save their planet. They just kept on aducting the wrong people thinking it is me. hehe