How to use TTY in Ontario


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As my hearing is getting worse i was wondering from other users in Ontario as to how they use the phone in Ontario, preferably free as i'm on Ontario Disability punishment program?.


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your not on it. Your re applying. anyway, i think they provide you with tty...but i dunno your question...
They aree easy to use
Everyone txtx now anyway...


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I used TTY on the island of Lake Huron in Ontario. I had used it for many years. I think you can buy the TTY from Canadian Hearing Society. They have different devices like flashing light alarm clock or light flashing doorbell. With TTY, you need light signal device that will connect to the lamp including attach to the phone. Then you just call "711" only for the d/Deaf. If you want the hearing person to call you, then look up the Special Needs in the phone book for hearing person using voice to communicate with the operator who is wearing headphone while typing on TTY. If you want to continue talking with a d/Deaf person or relay service operator, then you have to use GA which mean that it is Go Ahead. If you want to end the conversation with the operator or d/Deaf person, then you need to use SK which mean Seal with a Kiss..

So that is how it work if you want to communicate with people above. But if you have smartphone, then you can text it. I have never own a smartphone and someday I will try to see if I can buy one and try to text with both hearing and d/Deaf people.

Good luck and ask me any question you are curious about. :)


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Oh, one more thing, you might have to sign up with Canada Bell for you to allow to use Relay Service (Operator) if you want to communicate with hearing people. The cost is less than the phone bill, I think. But if you are communicating directly with d/Deaf people, then it is free as long as it is local call. Long distance, you still have to pay. Hope that help you. :)


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As a TTY user here in Toronto Ontario just over 20 years. I am a Bell Canada user. There is no charge for using VCO/TTY. There is a charge for having Call Answer service. Any message left is answered by 711 when I contact them.. At the present time-I call 877 235 5777 give my phone number and my access code number.

The relay service is now in Quebec City.

Since I am using Bell computer line, if there is an unansweredTTY call this computer will not work. My phone has a blinking red light-unanswered TTY call.

My VCO TTY is an UltraTec 1140-bought from the Canadian Hearing Society here in Toronto