How to Show Deaf Communication in Comics?


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I don't know if you're still taking suggestions but has a deaf character too.


I love your artwork, and I love comic. As a grown adult , a wife, and a mother, I still read the comics :) I remember the very first time I was reading all by myself on my own, (without people asking me to read for them) it was Charlie Brown comic from a Sunday newspaper that my dad always got. Before that, I didn't read, I just look at pictures. I think if my dad didn't buy the newspaper, I would have taken a longer time to learn to read on my own.

Comic help alot of deaf people, like myself, learn to read.

I agree with deafgal001 that we deafs do learn to read using anything that helps us, be it comics, books, etc... for me, it was a whole lot of stuff that helps. Now I'm a confirmed bookworm, and I like comics, only some, not most, there's just TOO MUCH to read! Eh.


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Hi! I posted here a very long time ago, but I'm not sure if anyone will remember me. XD

I'm working on a superhero comic set in Amsterdam, starring Sofie, a blind protagonist who can echolocate (much like Ben Underwood.) Her cousin and best friend, Emily, is deaf.

I've been struggling to find any comics with deaf characters to use as reference for how to show them communicating with sign language. I've had a lot of suggestions, but none that I think would be very easy to understand.

Do you know any comics about deaf characters, and/or have any suggestions on how to show sign language conversations in comics?​

As an extra, here are some sketches/illustrations of Emily and Sofie:






You can see all the other concept art for the comic here:
#nightingale-club deviantART gallery

Nice Work!!...Beautifully Illustrated...Here are some of my samples


"Satan's Pawn" Pencil & Charcoal on #120 Bristol Board (22x28)


"Dead Bird" Pencil on #80 Sketch (18x24)


"Long Island Seascape" Acrylic & Oil on Canvas


"Still Life" Pencil & Charcoal on #80 Sketch (18x24)


"Duck Cookie Jar & Eggs" Pencil on #80 Sketch (18x24)


"Latrell Sprewell with NY Knicks" Mixed Medium on #120 Bristol Board (22x28)

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What ever became of this? Did you figure anything out? I love the art and am dying to know the story. I really hope you're still working on it and get it published.

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Very nice! I have a character but he is not known to be deaf or not because my focus for this character I drew is neither hearing or deaf. His name is Cory Big Heart (c). Cory can sign ASL. He was featured in a book I self-published in year 2000. Cory's Guide: How to find your mate the LORD's way.

He is featured on my website: Cory Big Heart

I tried to download my picture onto this site and it seem not functioning well. I apologized for this confusion I have caused. Please click on link and you will see Cory signing ILY.