How to Confuse an Idiot.


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I can not get it on the Youtube here so that I can see what is going on to confuse the Idiot. Oh well, maybe it is not a good video to laugh about. :hmm:


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You all have been fooled! Just admit it... SoS beat you guys.
But you didn't get past me.. YouTube and Flash aren't available yet on 64bit browsers.. I was wondering why I loaded a youtube clip in IE64 ;)

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I got curious. Brat! Ten lashes with a wet noodle, and it did make me chuckle so thanks.

*Grin* Well, you're harsh, aren't you Moon-child? I have to admit...clicked on it a couple times before I realized what was going on. In my defence, I don't use youtube and have no idea about whether it's something you can put on a forum or not...BUT I did note the misspelling of the word 'Idiot'.