How old were you when Your family found out...


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I'm Curious....

How did your parents (if you were a child) or you (if you were an adult) found out that you were/are deaf?

I was only 16 months old when my parents learned that I'm deaf. I've been told that my parents/grandparents nocticed that I wouldn't respond to my name and whenever they make nosies from behind like banging the pots & pans, I wouldn't jump and scream, or cry. Once my mom and grandma bang pots and pans while I was sleeping in my crib and I didn't wake up at all.

That's when they finaly took me to the doctor and the doctor sent me to auotoligist. They did the hearing test and I completely failed. They found out that I'm Severely Profoundly Deaf. They told me that they felt like part of me has died. They have greifed for my hearing... my family and my extended family has greifed for my hearing, as if I have died.

It took them a long time to finally accept it. They also did TONS of testing to see what was my hearing loss was casued by. The test result showed that my hearing loss was caused by CMV and that I was born deaf, CMV killed my hearing while I was in my birth mother's womb. They also were deciding what to do with me... weather to put me in Oral school or in Deaf School.

After chatting with people from Tucker Maxon Oral School, they have decided to put me in Oral School... and I went into that school at 18 months, with hearing aids. There, they taught me to do speech and lip reading. I went to TMOS (Tucker Maxon Oral School) Until I was in 3rd Grade.

My Parents has kept searching how to make my hearing better... when they have learned about CI...they were thirlled and they wanted me to get it... but they haven't done it young children yet. They have spoken to surgons and the TMOS was determined to have young children to get CI. I was one of the youngest children in 1991 to get CI.

I honestly think my parents have always seen my deafness as a disability thing... something that is wrong with me. I don't see it that way... I see my deafness is part of who I am, what made me into this person.

So What I'm asking is when did your parents find out that you were deaf? How old were you? What was your deafness caused by?

I'm just courious that's all.....


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I was 3 when my parents realized I had a hearing problem, and 4 when I received my first pair of hearing aids. It took a long time for anyone to realize I was hard of hearing because I seemed to respond to sound, but what really made everyone notice I was hard of hearing was I tended to not listen very well.


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my parents really disappointment when im become deaf at ages 10 month old but my mom took me to dr's office for checkups and did took tests but my family learn about that!!


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I was 7 years old when people finally realize I was HOH and not retarted! The parents on my street did not want me playing with their kids,the parents fought I was going to hurt their kids! I stay back in first grade and that teacher gave me a hearing test , she realize I was not retarded when she showed me how to tie my shoes!


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My parents noticed something wrong with me when I was one year old. They got shock and cried after learn that I am deaf thru the doctor.


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I was aged 3. Lots of developmental delays because of that. I was even classified as a special needs child and was sent to a school for special needs children.

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I was aged 3. Lots of developmental delays because of that. I was even classified as a special needs child and was sent to a school for special needs children.

Same here only in my case, I was misdiagnosed as having a learning disability due to my blindness. I didn't walk or speak until I was 3.

Fortunately, everything turned around by 2nd and 4th grade. At that time, my teachers wanted me to skip a full grade, but my parents refused due to concerns over socialization and being the youngest student in my class.


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I was 9 months when I was diagnosed with severe hearing loss. My mum had her suspicions due to me being different and not responding like my hearing twin, also another thing is that I used to fall asleep anywhere and in noisy environment, I was at that time still quite delayed due to my early birth. I dont know what my parents reactions were, they'v never told me.


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My hearing parents were anxious to adopted a deaf child. That's me. They always want to raise a deaf and learn special language.


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I am not sure if my mom was telling me the truth.

I was born deaf due to rubella...dr warned her about deaf, blind, retard etc etc.

So she knew I am deaf but after I was born and she tested with door slam and vacuum. Good enough she was right.

But still I don't trust her what she had told me. All I know I was born deaf.


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Erm, Im not sure about myself. BUT, I did end up getting sick VERY bad with fever and everything like that, so I had been sick for three years. At 3 years old, doctor told my parents that my hearing test is failed so, Im deaf. They aren't sure if Im deaf from illness OR born that way, because my illness damaged everything in my ears that so bad. :dunno: So doctor said that Im very deadly seriously deaf than everybody that he tested on.


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Both of my parents found out that I was losing my hearing at the age of 5 years old, and they went to several different doctors and they all confirmed that we were both losing our hearing, and would most likely lose more in the future, and my mother wanted to abandoned us, but my dad would not even allowed her to do that, he had the faith to believe that he will find a way to get our needs to meet. My mother is another story, she had gave me so much heart ache that is often too much to bear.


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I read the doctor's notes upside down and found out that they found out that I was deaf when I was five months old. I think it is because my family came down with rubella when my mother was pregnant with me. They knew to check out my hearing.


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I was told that my parents were in suspicion that I couldn't hear around 6 months old because I wasn't responding to sounds. My mother, at most, took me to various doctors for second, third, so forth opinions and at (around) 12 months old, it was confirmed.