How Do You Keep Your Campsite Bright At Night?


What do you use to keep your campsite bright enough at night so a group of 15 deaf people can chat comfortably?

Specifics appreciated. i.e.: brand name of a lantern rather than just "lantern".


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im wondering myself. i could never find the right light that gives off nice ambient light, doesnt attract bugs, no glare, etc. its seems like we are still stuck in the dark ages pun indetended.


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Hi, fellow campers! I use a homemade "bucket light" it is a big hit among deaf campers. It works great for keeping us deaffies out of the dark and being able to see eachother fairly well. They can be homemade/do it yourself or bought online (google is your friend). One thing to keep in mind, the white buckets work best.

Bucket Lights produce a pleasing, diffuse light that lights up your entire campsite while not offending you or your neighbors with glare. They are lightweight, easy-to-store, easy-to-use, stand up to the elements and look great.

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At Eastern Deaf Timberfest back then, several deaf people used Christmas lights to light up their areas. Now, they had those string LED lights for camping. They are SO gorgeous lighting up the campsites ...I have them for my RV. Love them