How do I find Deaf people in my area?


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How to find Deaf Friends

:wave:Find a Deaf Center - Every major town has one. Contact the Chamber of Commerce for an address.:wave:


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Hello! :wave:

I live in a small town, too...not large city like Milwaukee. :lol: I just moved up in here almost a month ago. I have noo clue of how to find/meet deaf people around here. I am staying with my daughter for temporary and then move in a new place in Sept.

I would love to meet new deaf friends. You can ask me any question about meeting somewhere....just PM at inbox.

Have a blessed day! :)


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Wow I think I would be so overwellmed My sign is not that good. I would feel so bad I couldn't understand or they might be confused by me :ty: though

that is the BEST time to go then, there will be hearing people too to be able to help, learn the sign for "slow finger spelling" and i only know a little ASL" "im still learning" and you will be fine, if the community is anything like my community they will be more then happy to help you learn :)


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The Deaf Coffee Chat only has 2 places in Wisconsin, none near me. I think I could get a place in Lacrosse added. It's about an hour away, but I am related to the owner of Java Vino in LaCrosse, I would have to talk to her but I bet she would be more than willing to allow a monthly meetup. Anyone else interested near this location?


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I also live in WI, near Berlin. I'm hearing, and would (also) like to start working with/hang out with deaf people.