Hola a todos!


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Hi all deaf peolple, I'm Erik called Erikinho on internet because a my trip in Brasil and with football...

I'm italian, from north east italy, 150 km from Venice, nearly with Austria and Slovenia :)

I love Drifting, surf and kite but never doing these sport, football, kickboxing and extreme sports but i'm not rich so... :(

I don't write very welle english so be patient with me!

Good Sunday to all!

Persephone M

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Hi! I think you write English very well. Those are extreme sports! They sound very exciting. I just like walking and reading...and travel. But I'm not rich either, haha. Hope you enjoy the site.
Drifting...expensive sports anywhere, even here in USA.

You can do kiteboarding and surf. I would like to try kiteboarding someday, it look more fun than surfing :)

Venice--I hear it is very pretty city, with all rivers and canals although I hve never been there, but I have been to Rome and Florence.


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Good Evening/Morning to All, now in Italy is evening time, i'm back after alot of time, because facebook is a bit... Forum are better!
Who want to write to me, for anything to compare with me about all thing do you want... in private message or public thread is indifferent.
Good weekend!