hi! my name is Sasha


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hey sorry if I am not actually deaf but I really want to learn sign language for people like my dad. I am 16 and I am from Australia. so I am trying to lean Auslan. I want to start signing so then I can talk to people like you. I feel like when ever there are deaf people no one knows how to communicate with them. so sorry again if I am not deaf but I really want to communicate with people like you with out them feeling left out. thanks :) I hope I have not made anyone upset


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Welcome to Alldeaf Slramsay, I'm sure you haven't upset anyone, it's nice what you're doing on behalf of your father, feel free to ask any questions you have.

This is a good friendly deaf site & many of your questions can be answered here with some very knowledgeable members.:)
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Inclusion is beautiful; the more people that care about it the better. :)

I hope you get some fellow Aussie's to help with resources. Many here probably know ASL. Good luck and welcome!!


Hi slramsay05 happy New year and welcome to All Deaf, you have to search schools for for the Deaf in your area or main cities since you say your from Australia I'm sure there be a school if not in your town but at least in the major cities in your country also go to your neighborhood library and you can find many books on Deaf / HOH subjects and I'm sure one if them will be a book on sign language and how to. Read lips.
Anyways welcome to the club and have your dad sign up when he's ready it'll be a good outlet for him as well.