Hi from Rome!


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Hi there everybody!
I am an italian 60% deaf guy.
My name is Thomas (nick Tardegardo),
I wear since I was 13 two very powerful hearing aids, and unfortunately I don't know much about sign language.
I am a writer, mosty tv and movies.
And I am happy to be here!


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Yes, I just moved about a month ago from Florida. I got tired of the heat. I love it here in NY so far. I'd really like to see Ireland.


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Nice to meet you!
My two teens and I were just talking about how nice it would be to visit Rome some day.
Well, actually, my 16 year old was trying to talk me into taking her to Rome instead of studying the art and sculpture of the Renaissance through books for school.

If we could afford it, i'd love to. Meanwhile, she has to do her school work.