Hi Everyone!


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Hi there. I'm a hearing twenty eight year old that is finally getting into formal ASL classes. I would love to meet someone willing to sign over skype. (I need someone with patience because I tend to ask a lot of questions so that I fully understand.) Thank you so much in advance!


Welcome all deaf! I would like to help you to learn ASL over skype. I'm 31 years old, mother of 2 years old daughter. Can feel free to contact me anytime and maybe can get to know each other. Nice to meet you. Hope to hear from you soon! :)
Hi! I'm younger, but I could definitely do my best to answer any questions you have, and I always need the practice with improving and people to sign with as well! I unfortunately have not had the chance to take any formal ASL classes, but it's basically been my second language all my life. However, due to the lack of people to sign with, I am not very good yet at receptive skills and signing with others. I'd love to skype if you're interested. :)