Hi everyone


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I´m a technical student from Sweden doing a project. In the project I am going to go through a design process that hopefully will lead to some sort of product/concept. The target group of this product are people who can´t hear very well. Construction workers wearing hearing protection, people running big machinery and ofc deaf people.

Thats why I´m here. But I do not want to do any kind of survey (People at this forum does not seem to like them...). I might ask one or two questions. If there is something I can´t find after searching the forum and googling.

So basically I will be sticking around for at least a month, maybe longer if I like this place. (It seems really cool judging from what I have seen so far.)

At last I want to do two things
1.Thank @Bottesini for compiling a list of frequently asked questions.
2. Ask if someone knows how to add a profile picture. Seriously I can´t figure out how to do it...