Hi everyone! Severely deaf, hearing aid wearing multi-lingual girl here who wants to meet friends!

Rachel Serrano

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I'm originally from Chicago and have been having a bit of a hard time acclimating to Houston. I'd like to see if there's anyone in Houston who's also HOH like me. I don't know anyone else who also deals with the same things I am and it would be great if I can talk to someone! :)


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Hello and welcome aboard! :wave: I'm HOH myself and currently live in NJ. Thinking of moving to The Woodlands, TX with my family next year.

Enjoy your stay.


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Former Houston here, hope you find someone to get acquainted with to learn a thing or two. :)


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Hi there! Welcome! I am new here too and I have had a wonderful experience so far. Everyone is so nice and accepting :cheers:


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Hi Soulvei. I agree with you that most people I have seen on here so far are very nice and accepting of people and friendly. I am deaf and HOH. mostly deaf though. Just looking to make a few new friends and maybe someone who would like to share a little time helping me practice asl. New to that as well but have accumulated a large number of words so on to phrases now. Anyway Welcome and hope your day brings you happiness and peace. Take care, hope to see more posts from you.

Rachel Serrano

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Thanks everyone!! Every one is nice here. I'm trying to learn ASL myself. I just recently found Bill Vicars youtube channel. What a GODSEND! HE makes it look so easy.

ALEX, We lived in The Woodlands area when we first moved here but since I am not driving at the moment we decided to move closer to the city where I could get around easily. It's really nice there. There are a lot of bike trails and things to do. Let me know how it goes and I can tell you more about the neighborhood.