Hi! ASL learner, would love to interact with people


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Hi, I am a student at university
This summer I started learning ASL on my own by watching videos on youtube, but I would really really love to be able to interact with people, learning alone is not the best... I just love learning and really would love to be able to express myself, understand faster and have an actual conversation with people!
If anyone wants a learning buddy, or would like to help me improve in ASL, or just wants to interact, I'd love to!! I m really open and would love to make friends! :)
I have a basic knowledge and I learn fast. But mostly, I just would love to be able to interact with people! ( due to covid situation, events, cafés or other places are closed or not encouraged... so it's not easy for me to meet people and keep on learning and interactingand meeting people ).
Maybe we could do videocalls?


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Hi Yuki,

You are not only one, there are many interpreters involved in this world, there are millions of Deaf and HoH people would love to teach you ASL. I am a ASL user because I am also Deaf. If you like to continue to practice more ASL to use your ASL skills, email me directly at jenny3.leung@ryerson.ca I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada