Heyy guess what!!


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This early monring since 5am when bear wake me up i was like *mutter* said come down you gotta see that i was like *mutter* then get up go down and said to her * what heck wake me up at 5am for wha?* and noticed that first puppy born so i has wait another hour and finally saw second baby born i was like WHOA! first time my own eye so here Bear's hand with puppy Then finally went back :zzz: 6am till 1:30pm wake up geez what a tired! hhaha also one thing bonnie's puppies have 7 of them but one of puppy is died so left 6 of them now

Here you go


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hahaha I bet Bear keeping you awake lately.....Cute puppy, tell her Congratulation for me.....


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Aww very cute, lucky for ya to witness the little pug puppies born in to this world. :)

Congrats Bear. :)