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I went ASL Expo on oct 18, my hubby helped me with this and i set up everything on booth.. so yall can see what look alike allright??


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wow, you motivate to positive something... I :applause: you for that...

wow, beautiful creative!!!

I wish you best of good luck and successful...


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:slap: Geez! I was supposed to order two ILY signs and totally forgot. My bad...I am getting the envelope out now so I wont forget again. What's wrong with me. They all look WONDERFUL!


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They are so beautiful - I have missed my chances to go to B'ham this past Saturday. I had plans that time. :(

Do you currently sell the ILY hand-signs?

Maybe we'll run into each other again in College Park in couple of months? :) I think I'll be in College Park by the time DeafNation Expo is held.


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Very lovely, I like the way you set up your booth, nicee..I would like to order some if I may, and how much are they?