Hey y’all!


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Hey y’all!

I guess I should introduce myself!

I am in my mid-30’s, a wife, a mom of three, one bio, and two bonus!! And of course I can’t forget my 90lbs Foxy Dane fur baby!!

I work in the dental field (well with covid, I’m not going back until the dental offices have made the appropriate changes to reduce the spread and protect patients and us providers.) So for now, I’m a stay at home mom!

I have been HOH as long as I can remember. Growing up “What?” was the most frequently heard thing in my house. My parents just thought I wasn’t paying attention. I’ve had various hearing tests done over the years with conflicting results, some showing some evidence of my HL, but most showed very minimal hearing loss.

My current Audiologist believes that I’m dealing with Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

I do have measurable hearing loss in one ear, which is something that I am glad is evident on the test, because it validates my experience. In fact I have to sleep on my “good” ear side to block out external sounds.

My biggest issues are following conversations. I rely on lip reading and closed captioning, otherwise the words I do hear make no sense whatsoever.

This can be funny, or detrimental depending on whatever situation I’m in.

If I’m in public and there is noise, it’s even worse. I’m completely lost with any background noise. BUT if there is any background noise going on, I can “conveniently” ignore my husband going on and on about whatever sports team or whatever that he’s watching at the moment!

I have tried going back to school to advance my career, but can’t follow quickly enough to write accurate notes. It can take some time for me to “hear” what was said, and by that point, the instructor has moved on, and I’ve missed so much information that I end up getting lost, not understanding the material, and when I try to ask for help, I don’t even know what to ask for help on because I missed half the lecture. That’s even if what I do hear is even remotely close to what was said since I’m trying to fill in words based on context clues.

Oh and forget it if I can’t see who ever I’m talking to so I can read their lips. I’m just a lost cause. Soooo helpful now everyone is wearing masks..... yay...

At least I finally have someone who is willing to listen to me, and is willing to try to find any kind of way to help me.

My audiologist told me that even though my ears “hear” correctly, with my brain not able to get the information and put it all together, I’m still considered hard of hearing.

I honestly don’t know how to feel finally having my symptoms validated, and having someone believe and want to help me.

I hope it’s ok for me to join, I’m not sure if CAPD fits into the hearing loss / deaf community, if at all. If not, that’s totally cool, and I’ll move on out.
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I would strongly advise you to go visit your college disability resource center and see if they can provide some help. I am sure you can get a notetaker (its usually a student in your class and they are given carbon paper or they can type up notes on their laptop computer and email you a copy) or a live captioner or whichever access they might have available to help you out. See if you can get some doctor's information that you have CAPD,
I have met a person who had it and she really did well with ASL American Sign Language. Maybe you could take a class and see how you do.

Of course with the current covid 19 situation things are a bit hectic now with masks ugh a challenge for us Deaf/Hard of hearing folks and of course for your situation too blah.

Have you tried out the google live transcribe app on andriod phones? That does help me caption what people are saying sometimes., it's not perfect though but it's better than nothing.

You could take online classes. I have seen some online courses that are captioned really nicely.

Haha I relate to you on the "whatt?" comment I too, have always said that when I was younger lol.

You can totally be a part of the Deaf/hard of hearing community there are all kinds of varieties of disabilities and different stories that we all have to cope with.

I hope this help you out and welcome!