hey Steph9700 wanna me post for her..


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she pmed me and wanna me to post for her...

she died thursday afternoon. visitation was 5 to 9 friday evening and service was at 3:30 saturday. she was buried next to my brother stacy at our church riverside. it was a closed casket funeral due to the amount of damage she suffered. My brother killed himself on september 20th 1996 by a gunshot to the head. my mom kiled herself on march 20th 2006 by a gunshot to the head. both were on the 20th of the months they died and both were on leap years.


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For some ppl who have experience going thru sucide may thing it was worth or not. As for myself I have done it twice and it aint worth at all. Knowing that I have so much to offer in life even though I have struggle in life in so many way but mange to survive thru it and made me become stronger and wiser person. I am proud of myself.

Yes it is sad situation.