HEY!!! *smiley face*


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Hello people (I hope youre all people, NO BOTS ALLOWED) how are ya? I am a hearing person but I am skilled enough to definitely hold a full conversation in ASL. I am looking for yes a person or people to sign with, but then also, I want to make a friend. Maybe you like gaming??? right now my favorite game is Super Smash bros. Im kinda new to it but im a Donkey kong main FYI. I hope someone that play the game reads this or im just typing nonsense. HM?! Well anyway please all reach put to me and lets chat. I probably will not check this in time to respond to you so just TEXT this number 3018186049. A few facts about me is Im a 22 yr old black male. Race doesnt mean anything but last time I posted on an open forum, the person didint like that fact that I was black so ya know.... live and learn. Allright BYE, See YA!