Hey :) HOH from Uk


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Hey everyone :)
My name is Maureen and i am hard of hearing. I am 21 and from the Uk. I joined hoping to meet other HOH/deaf people. Just to chat and make friends really. I've never known any one else who is HOH/deaf so I've never had anyone to relate to. I don't know BSL but i would love to learn! I've been thinking about taking a BSL course.

Can't wait to get to know you :)

Mo x


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Welcome. I know a few people who are deaf in the UK that I chat with. I am learning ASL and think it is a great idea you learn BSL. Good luck there are many nice people here on this site.


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Welcome!! I live in the UK and I'm almost 22yrs old!! I am profoundly deaf, I have a CI and I know BSL!! :)

Have fun on the board


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Welcome to AD (AllDeaf) Maureen :wave:

I'm was born HOH and my deafness has got worse over the decades. Started learning BSL 4 months ago. It's a challenge, but a thoroughly worthwhile one. I wish I attempted to learn BSL years ago. I recommend that you get started sooner rather than later.

Hope to see you around here on the forums


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Hi Maureen you come to the right site!! to meet many nice people and friendly!
I am HOH , born deaf, i started to learn French sign Language in french it's LSF but one day i will start BSL!! i am from the uk in England but we have been lived in south of France for 8 years now!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Take care!