Hey Gang


Hiya, I'm Mart & I'm from the UK, I lost my most of my hearing 6 years ago I'm "HOH" I struggled for about 4 years hearing conversations to the stage of friends advising to get a hearing aid, it was upsetting to be told that, but of course they were right, so 2 years ago I finally got a hearing aid, after a lot of hearing tests & it has really changed my life, it's not perfect as most of us know, hearing aids are to help not replace hearing as most hearing people seem to think.

I lost my hearing working in sawmills in the timber industry, using large bandsaws & planers, it's actually quite common for machinists to lose an element of hearing in the kind of environment, I was lucky enough to be compensated for my hearing lost, I no longer work in the timber industry after being told by specialist, If I lose any more hearing then I would be classed as profound deaf.

So now I'm retired & looking for a bit of peace & quiet.:fingersx:
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