Hey everyone, My name is Maureen


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Hello as you can guess from the title my name is Maureen or as im known to my friends as MoMo. I am 20 years old and I am from sunny old England.
I have a moderate hearing loss in both ears which I wasnt born with but was caused by me continously getting ear infection after ear infection when i was six years old. I have hearing aids which i guess i should wear more often but to be honest, even now i still dont feel comfortable wearing them so i choose not to.

I came across this site and joined hoping to meet people who were hoh, who can relate and understand, make friends. You see i dont know anyone other then myself in my area who is hoh and my friends are great dont get me wrong but they dont understand how hard it can be sometimes.

Hope your all well and look forward to talking to you


:wave: Hi Maureen, really nice to meet you. My first name is actually Maureen as well..but my family has always called me by my 3rd name which is Staci...good thing is that I always know who's calling to either demand money (ie Revenue Canada) or sell me something!:D. I look forward in getting to know you better.
Take care


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:welcome: to AllDeaf forum. I do hope you will meet some English Deafies and Hearies from England if you are comfortable relating to them about your experiences of being hard of hearing or deaf. And yes, you can meet many different people like me from different countries. Just have fun with us. Enjoy reading and posting all the threads here. See you around here. :wave:

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Welcome to All Deaf Maureen :wave: I'm also 20 years old and not too far away from you (Northern Ireland- as my username suggests) Hope you have fun and make loads of friends :)