Hey Everyone!!!!! Come In Here!!!!


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I would put up a pic, but I don't have internet right now and it is had to post a pic from sidekick. Soon as I can, I'll get some pics up.


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Congrats !! Welcome a new born baby to the world smile.. I will pray for him hope he gets better soon.


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Thanks again for the grates and everything. Coty has been gaining 20 grams everyday this week. He still under 3 lbs. He got down to about 2lb 9 oz before he started gaining weight.


CONGRATS!! on your newborn son!!
That is a wonderful news!!
Glad that the mother and son are doing fine
too! God bless!!


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wow weeks early than expect in October...

Congratulations on your new baby!!! I am really exciting for you all.. .I told my hubby about your wonderful news... He said the same thing as me, too...