Hey deaf_fishingman


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:wave: Let's welcome deaf_fishingman to Alldeaf. He is from Arkansas- one of my good friends. So I hope he will enjoy the stay with us! Have fun! :)


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Hello there!

Firstly welcome to alldeaf.com, where a lot of deaf, hearing impaired and hearing members roam around the forum making friends, and discuss anything related to the sections on the forum.

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If you have a problem - . We have moderators around and they are Jolie77, ~SG~, VamPyroX and the site admin, Alex

There will be more new moderators coming soon

They can help you whenever you need them.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

Your friendly neighbour. :lol:



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Hey, Freaky Cat, don't you think that deaf fishingman can make the introduction and announce on his own without your help? Does that mean he does not know much about computer writing, eh? Anyway, :welcome: to AllDeaf forum. I hope you, deaf fishingman, enjoy reading and posting all the threads here. Have fun with us. See you around. :wave: