Here's a sneak view of:


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This photo was taken when both Peachy Lady and EagleCherokee63 were traveling and went through the Cleveland area where I met them at a Steak n Shake restaurant. My sides are sore from being poked about waiting for me to post this picture up....welll...peace ladies!! :D Here it is finally!! ;)

It was a real pleasure to meet the two of them, I've known Peachy Lady for over 6 years now and just recently got to know EagleCherokee63....they are both very nice and charming ladies....'cept for the poking bit--:lol:



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Awwwww what a nice picture honey, you all look good, and where was I?....Oh that's right those two girls push me aside....:giggle: I'm just kidding....

I wish I was there meeting you two, it's nice to know that Roadrunner finally met Peachy Lady after knowing her for 6 years and its nice to know you all had a good time..

Anymore pictures to share?


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Angel told me you finally met Peachlady! Isn't she soooo nice! Did you get a chance to meet Dave?

It's such a beauitful picture there,

Lisa; You look beauitful each time I see your picture and in real life too. ;)

Tell me what happen when you first met them? Details buddy. :fingersx:


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Pah! RR meet two ladies... Rest of two Ladies are happy and pinch RR's butt get here.... *chuckles* Wha... wonderful adventures at N.F. Is that Us or Canada? which one?

Where ^Angel^ , Is she hiding? LOL


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Awesome, It's always nice to meet someone after knowing them for so long. 3 of you look great! ;)

RR - I'd think the guys are getting jealous of you because you got to meet those 2 ladies :giggle:

Peachy Lady

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Glad u all liked picture of us 3! I'm the shorter lady in case some of you wonder which one is me. Im 5 feet 5, so I'm not very short though. When I finally saw Roadrunner walking into Steak n Shake, I walked fast to meet him and hugged him hard and long. Finally met in him person! He had been my great friend for six years and I think of him like a brother. I have met Cheri before and she's fun to chat with. I'm looking forward to meeting Angel for the first time, before their wedding. My husband wasn't with me at that time as he was taking care of our children. I went to New York with 4 of my friends from Oklahoma. Niagara Falls was beautiful!! Both EagleCherokee63 and I loved Niagara Falls. I could breath in the "mist" that came from Niagara was wonderful for my asthmatic lungs. For RR and Angel's wedding, my whole family will go, so some of you will meet my family.

Thanks Roadrunner for posting picture of us! My hair wasn't in its best was parted way too far on my side so it looked like I had more hair on one side lol. I was tired from travelling and my hair was mess...but I know no one cares. Just was happy to see you, RR!