Here my Car


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Not sure if right this place so you can move my new thread to other thanks mod! smile

check out!! it's red as sunfire :D since i just buy new car today :dance: i love this one!



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Congrats got new car!! Nice red car :lol: I bet you gonna :dance: :dance: :dance: lol .. drive anywhere you want!! lol :lol: drive to ummm Mexico !! lol :lol:


Prayers for my dad.
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OOOOOOooohhh, very nice car. What kind of car is it anyway? ;) and what year is your car?


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Whoa girl you got one nice car there....I'm happy for you, an early nice Christmas gift lol...


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Congratulations to you for getting a car and I hope you will have many years with it driving around. :)


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foxyape! why why why u have to pick RED?!?! congratulation

RED is "could be mean Sexy Bitch"

Red is "could be mean a postitues" (thats old fashion way)

just kidding, u can pick how much u wants to LOL


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Nice car, I rode in that kind of car that was a rental back around 1996. Congrats on your "new" car, though. :)