Here I am


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As cloud darken, I look at the sky

Wish time gone by

I turn around

My friends left me behind

This moment i knew that i was only sheltering them

Was simply use me to help them

Time have gone by

As I turn around at school

They simply talk about me

Right behind my back

Just wish for once that I turn back in time

So i can stop shelterin them

And treat them horribly

But now i realize it was already done

Nothing can change the past.

I just knew that i should continues to shelter

In my heart

I knew that was right to do

Now i expected the betrayal

every time i turn around

Every time betrayal is done

Less i will trust them.

Just wish they knew

That i am here to stay...

whenever they need me.

I wont turn my back on them

It is show that i am true friend.