HELP! Flashcards for hearing roommate


I've ben looking online for flashcards that I can print and tape on objects around the house. My hearing roommate wants to learn ASL and I figured this would help move the process along.

All I can find are signs for the alphabet. Does anybody know where I can find printable (meaning no gif/movies) signs?


Does anybody know where I can find printable (meaning no gif/movies) signs?
You can search the forum for posts about different methods of writing ASL down. None are especially popular (in the US, anyway).

Not many Deaf ASL signers use SignWriting in their personal lives, but for flashcard purposes I think it is the best option I've seen. Your hearing roommate will have a learning curve of understand the SignWriting first, before learning ASL, but I don't think it's that difficult. You can learn the basics in a day.

You can search the SignWriting ASL dictionary online. Note that it's user-submitted data, so some signs have multiple entries for variant signs, or variant ways of writing the same sign.

I'm curious to hear how you end up solving this problem; do keep us posted! :)


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I would find a book at your library, an illustrated ASL, probably with black and white sketches, copy the pages you want, cut them out and use as is, or tape to index cards and use those.

OR, google ASL signs __________ and put the word you want, then click on "images", over in the left sidebar.


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[ame=] Barron's 500 Flash Cards of American Sign Language (9780764162220): Geoffrey S. Poor: Books[/ame]

You could just buy these. It isn't that much money and it's a lot easier than trying to make your own.