Helloooo....new here. :)


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Hi there! I'm Jessica - a mom to 3 kiddos (2, 3 and 8) and Gally Alum. I look forward to connecting with some other deaf moms (I'm deaf, but primarilly oral as my DH is hearing, and so far all my kids are) and would love some advice on getting everyone to learn sign for me!!! Obviously I know it, but over the years took the "easy way out" as far as my kids and husband and just lipread. Nice to meet y'all!


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to AD.. I hope you will enjoy the stay with us and happy posting away! :)


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Hello and welcome to Alldeaf! I'm sure you'll meet a great many 'moms' here in AD...although, I may not be a 'mom'...but I have children too...:D Anyhow, do enjoy your stay here in AD!

Have a great day! :wave:



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Hello, Jessica!

For beginners, I'd like to welcome you here to this forum and you will see that there are tons of informations in here. You've come to the right place. ;) Anyhoo.... as for that easy way, I definitely can relate to it. :giggle: At least you can get the engine going for your kids and make them sign to you. Perhaps it'll work?

Do take care! Oh and also, make yourself at home when you're surfing in here.