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My name is Katherine , mother of 2 wonderful children, devout Christain.

I've been going deaf now for awhile,(about 20 years) though I am able to hear enough sound to read lips with aids. Was told I will be completely deaf at some point. Never learned sign language and am thinking about that.

I actually just got back from the doctor because I am at the point were I can't take being around a lot of people (more than one). I get confused, frustrated, anxious, panic attacks and CAN NOT understand what is going on around me. If am out somewhere. I am just totally lost. I am not pronouncing words right anymore due to not hearing them and people look at me funny now when I do speak. I was just told that I should have had HA when I was school age and that my brain never got "wired" right to comprehend words right. Has anyone ever heard of that???

Anyway that brought me to this sight, I just want to be able to relate with people who understand what I'm going through and vise versa.

My children are 11 and soon to be 14. They know how to to look at me when they talk and speak slowly and clearly (most of the time) I feel like they are missing out on things because of me and my heart just breaks. It is sooo hard for me to meet new people or there friends parents I haven't had many pleasant experiences with that. I find people to be, for lack of a better word, lazy or ignorant and do not put the effort into getting to know me because I am going deaf. They simply, and literally walk away and some have actually pretend not to SEE me to avoid me. I live in a very clicky town. I'm caught between worlds of the hearing and the deaf and do not know where I belong anymore. I'd move but I can't. It's just people don't understand. I also don't want to run from my problems either but face them, I just don't know how anymore.

I haven't a job and little income but I DO have a lot of faith and try to stay positive and look at the glass "half full" rather than "half empty". So my children do see that in me and hopefully they can be that way themselves when life throws a curve ball.

Any advice or words of encouragement would surely be appreciated.

God bless and peace.
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Hi I'm new

I'm a single mom 37 new here a friend suggested this site to me.I'm not deaf but I have a daughter going deaf and Im already going through it we just had a housefire and lost just about everything..my daughter also has autism and its just been a nightmare.I'm behind on my bills and such so Please don't ask for money as I heard this is a scam site..I'm drowning myself in debt Really and Im not here asking for money just support and to learn more@this deafness.it scares me alot

Thank you

Blessings to you all


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I think this site is the place for you you'll get support from late deafed just like Botts said!:)
Welcome to AD and i hope little by little things get better for you!:)


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:welcome: to AllDeaf forum. I am not familiar with you being late deafend, but still know what it is like to be deaf, even I was born deaf. There are lots of topics for you to pick and discuss or debate about subjects like "Hearing aids and CIs", "Deaf Education", and whole horde of topics that you want to discuss or asked questions about them.

Just relax and have fun reading including posting all the threads here. See you around here. :wave:


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:welcome: to AD and hope you find resources in your area or a deaf community. Hope the late-deafened thread helps!