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Hi everyone, my name is Sebastien. i love to wear Cochlear N6 for N22 processor but i always turn it off when walking to get the mails and face Trump people/strangers throughout 2020. It makes me laugh thinking that they won't give you psychosis and at least they say hello. One excellent quote i remember long time ago is to treat others the way you want to be treated! But its scary to face different environment when walking outside and facing strangers. And I know hearing people/ Americans have much lower morale for who they will vote for 2020 than in 2016. To let all of you (deaf friends) know that I voted for Obama and Hillary. I'll vote for any democratic candidates and i like Bloomberg and Warren the most of all. My writing/typing here as of 2/2020!!! God bless all of us!!! :)



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Hello, Sebastian. Welcome. FYI- Discussing politics and religion topics is not allowed here on AllDeaf. You can discuss anything else.

Good day, Sebastian.