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I am someone who loves spending time outdoors and living life to its fullest.
I have a cochlear implant in one ear but have great speaking skills.
What I'm doing with my life

Current goal
One day, I would like to
I'd like to be known for my
If money were no concern, this is what I would be doing
My dream job is
I like hanging out with friends, playing chess, spending time in nature and taking long walks.

I am timid and kind and I want someone who avoids drama and is genuinely good at heart and appreciates the little things. I want to find someone who has goals, knows where they are going in life, and wants to share their life with someone special.

I love animals and I own a cat myself, named Daisy.

Would love to find a friend/ girlfriend to go out to dinner or movies with.


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Dear to all of deaf, HOH, and hearing people w/ experience in sign language, listen to what i have to say before you get any feelings and facial expressions.

A speech transcriber, or some device that creates captions of whatever is being said, but with holograms.

A device with which i could connect my mind with another person’s. I’d show them what it’s like, being as deaf as i am, watching them whisper amongst themselves.

Last wish: some way to convince people to just BE PATIENT with me. i love to chat/sign/rap/listen, but all they care about is fast communication.