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I not sure where to post this.
I am a hearing parent of a 15 year old daughter.
We live in San rafael CA and I haven't had any luck finding out where the deaf community hangs out. She goes to csd and has some great friends there but they are spread through out northern ca. It would be great if anyone knows of any social gatherings in marin county she could be apart of possibly meeting some new deaf friends. I know it frustrating to her not having anyone close to hang out with.
Please email me or post here with any info.


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Congratulations for thinking about the social aspect of things! Let me see if I know anyone who might be able to help! Glad she's having a great time at CSD! But yeah......local stuff is hard.....and general special needs groups aren't nessarily any better....


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You may need to have your daughter sign up for membership with SF Deaf Club as well as have her go to local deaf camps over the summer. Get in touch with other parents of your daughter's classmates. Also check with CSD's AFTC organization to see if there are any local events happening. Facebook has some SF Bay Area deaf groups that you can check to see what local events are happening.