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Hi, this is Lakota winyan. I'm from Rosebud, SD and i'm happy to have found Alldeaf. I'm hearing but have been long time member of a deaf community. I'm Lakota from Rosebud and my involement in the D comm has a long hx behind it. But i've recently moved back to south central part of state and missing my deaf friends;which is why i joined AD to find others to connect with. :)
I look forward to making connections and interacting with other. I do have a quick question though, how do I post to my blog?
thanks, M
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There's probably an easier way to do it, but-

From anywhere on AllDeaf, look on the left side of the page, near the top, and click on "User CP".

(assuming yours looks somewhat like mine)

Look down the left column, click on "Blog"

Again on the left, click on "your blog"

This time click on "post to your blog"

And that should take you to screen where you can type and edit and all that.

Happy blogging and welcome to AllDeaf:)


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:welcome: to AllDeaf forum. I am Native American born and raise in USA. I live on First Nation Reserve on Manitoulin Island which is on Lake Huron. I married my husband who was Ojibwe (full blooded). I am Cree/Cherokee. I am a widow. So I hope you enjoy reading and posting all the threads here. See you around here. :wave:

Winyan Lakota

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Please explain the wow... I have not read that book before. I should have, but never did. I would be interested in knowing how he describes rosebud.

@Deafbirk, no all my Deaf friends are white. I D K any deaf Indians.

To all else, more about me. I was born in rosebud, but taken by white people when I was a baby, i hated the white world I grew up in. Then in seventh grade I learned ASL, and got involved with the deaf community in IN, and I was happy. I actually belonged somewhere, for once! I've always been fluent in ASL. I finally moved back to South Dakota when I found my birth family and my tribe and it was then that I realized how being in the Deaf community got me through growing up in the family I did.
Because my culture was kept from me growing up, once I found my tribal family and learned my history, i realized how similar deaf culture and indigenous culture have in common. We are both strong cultures that the greater world has tried to change, eradicate and make it less that what it really is. But both cultures will not change, because deaf or Indian, we were made this way, we will die this way and we are EFFING proud! So even though I'm "hearing", I'm a DEAF hearing person. and I'm proud to be a part of the Deaf community. I get along better with my deaf friends than with my hearing ones. only people in the deaf community would understand that statement, so i know i dont have to explain it.
So, I'm involved in both the deaf community and my tribal community. My daughter is fluent in ASL and in Lakota. she has been since she was born.
nice to meet all of you and hope to talk to you again soon! Does anyone skype here? I'd love to chat. be well.