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Hello! I am HOH & have degenerative hearing loss since birth. I’m from a small Kansas town. I’m learning sign language online currently. Ive taken ASLmultiple times since the age of 9, but never had anyone to practice with. I have profound hearing loss in my right ear & and moderate to severe loss in my left. Currently I’m having issues with my “good” ear so I can’t even wear my hearing aid on that side. As my hearing loss has progressed, I’ve felt increasingly isolated. As a nurse, I’m no longer able to care for patients at the bedside. I’m looking for opportunities to socialize and communicate with others in the deaf/HOH community to decrease stress & hearing fatigue as well as make friends I can actually communicate with. Any help with deaf/HOH events in the Wichita Kansas area and/or opportunities to communicate with ASL would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Hello! I’ve got bilateral moderately-severe loss. I appreciate feeling isolated and disconnected. It’s rough. I’m in New England, but I’m still happy to video chat. I have SVRS and Skype. Message me if you’d like to chat and welcome! :wave:

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Greetings, welcome, here in NW Ark. in Sept. we have a gathering for a day, 100 deafies more or less, summer we have a day at the lake, will post later when closser :bye: