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My name is Amaya, but everyone calls me Maya.
I am HOH but consider myself Deaf!
I am also an 18-year-old female from Florida!

I have been HOH since I was younger, around 7 or 8, but Deaf (involved with the Deaf Community) since I was 14.
Although I am Oral, I am fluent in ASL and ASL was my first language and will always be the language I am most comfortable with.

I look forward to chatting with you!! Feel free to message me and such if you want to know anything more about me and my journey! :)

Nita Thomas

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Welcome, I am sure there are a lot of young people who will enjoy chatting with you. Check the threads for different topics, too. I am a senior citizen - grandma age.


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my name is Linettar, I am From Graz Austria...I am a single lady and am not ready to mingle with any unserious nigga...I love my life and am strong to build my empire...always happy to be me. I am never married and gat no kids yet...27254