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I'm sure that re-learnign ASL and meeting some new freinds who sign will be a fantastic help in regards to that isolation feeling many of us know too well.

One thing that might be helpful is seeing if your family would be willing to go to a hearing loss / deafness education/awareness type meeting/group so they can learn more from "unbiased sources" (my parents accepted information from strangers more than from me - because I guess they thought I was "faking" or whatever about not being able to hear in certain situations ?? etc). Since they learned more about hearing loss from others - they've been much better about things... they still forget ALL the time, but at least now when they're reminded their comment is "sorry ... we were saying ...." and they repeat things back and catch me up - before they did the "nevermind" - " you should have been paying attention if you wanted to hear" ... etc type stuff.

BAHA - is used and approved primarily for 2 issues - conductive hearing loss and for SSD (single sided deafness)

Some people with SSD especially if it is acquired find that this can help them more than a CROS hearing aid (which is also used for SSD).

For those with 100%conductive loss where surgery to correct the cause of the loss is not available or applicative a BAHA (permanent or temporary) is sometimes found to be more helpful than standard hearing aides because the sound is conducted by the bones of the skull.

I would recommend talking to a number of audiologists (at least 2) who specialize in BAHA to see if one is right for you - and then try the temporary hand-band version for a while to make certain that it gives you a possible outcome.

hope that helps!