Hello, I'm Adam


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Hello there, my name is Adam, I'm a 23 year old male from Sacramento, California.

I am a social worker from a private non-profit funded by Alta Regional. I went to school for graphic design, but found that the field is rather cut-throat and decided to follow the social services career path instead.

I am a hearing member of the alldeaf community, and I've taken an interest in registering because of my neighbor. He's an older gentleman, and just last week I had a chance to meet his wife and I invited them over for a bbq. When they arrived, he wasn't doing any talking, so I walked over and introduced myself. He began write on a small pad "Deaf... but hello" and showed him with a large grin, chuckling lightly. We spent most of the night exchanging words on paper, and he and his wife (who is hearing) took time to show me a few signs - even some naught so safe for work ones, which were quite funny.

Because of my neighbor I've just recently purchased some books on ASL and have begun learning it in my free time. I just wanted to introduce myself here, so if you see me posting in any ASL threads (or any other threads, furthermore) you won't have to wonder who I am. :)


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Hi! Welcome! Thats great that your taking up ASL! I'm from CA as well, more around the SF Bay area tho, but i'm in Oregon currently for college. A while back I considered graphic design as a major, but ended up in Psychology which will probably go into social services, same as you! But ya, welcome to alldeaf! See you around!


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Good evening Adam,

Welcome to AllDeaf! My name is Samantha and I currently work as a program manager for a non-profit, also funded by Alta Regional, and live in the Sacramento area. I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, with the hopes of completing a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.

With time you will come to know the complicated nature of the Deaf culture and yet realize just how beautiful it is. I was born profoundly deaf in an all-hearing family and only recently discovered the Deaf culture six years ago.

See you around!