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Hello everyone. My name is Cheri and I am 42. I have been HOH since birth. I do not know what type of loss I have, I can't even figure out how to read my audiogram. I do know that it is an asymmetrical loss. I can pretty much only hear out of one ear. When I was younger I had an in the ear hearing aid made for my good ear (in the 80's) I wound up never wearing it because all it did was give me headaches. I pretty much had nothing until my boss convinced me to go for a new hearing test and consult in 2011. I got my current hearing aids when I was 40 years old, just 2 years ago. I currently wear a ReSound Ziga bte which is wired to my bad side to transfer the sound from my bad ear to my good ear. I absolutely HATE the wire so I only wear the one in my good ear. I honestly couldn't tell the difference with the bad ear hooked up. Anyway, I guess my best take on this is ignorance. I really haven't educated myself on my loss and what can help. Today I had to take my hearing aid in for servicing. The warranty expires tomorrow and the audiologist recommended that she send it in to be refurbished while it was still covered. So she gave me a loaner. She was only going to give me the one for my good ear because that is all I currently use. However, being that she did have the pair. I asked if I could use both. No one has ever put an aid in my bad ear because it is so bad. When she put the pair in I was so overcome with emotion because I could actually hear things with my bad ear. Of course the loaners are top of the line Phonak Cros hearing aids at $2850 a piece. Mine are standard cheapies. LOL. She is going to let me use them for 2 weeks. I can hear things that I could not hear before. Also I am noticing that there is more distinction with different tones that I couldn't differentiate before. Tomorrow I plan on wearing just my good ear to see if I still notice these differences or if having an aid in the bad ear really helps. Thanks for reading, any suggestions are appreciated. Is there a place where I can post my audiogram and someone tell me what some of it means? I don't understand how to figure out what my loss is in each ear. :wave: