Hello from India


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Hello and Namaste. I've been living in India for two years and decided to see what's going on. I've been thinking about something. I see where things are CCP-virus-wise and economy-wise. There's a lot of things going on in America, apparently. Has there ever been a discussion about Deaf people having their own Nation, like a Nation within a Nation? This is what I mean. You know that racism exist, and NFAC, the fourth largest militia in America, which happens to be all-black, was formed as a response to this problem after everything was tried, and the founder of NFAC had submitted some application to United Nations, asking for redress on this issue, possibly in the form of a Nation for black people because of discrimination. I bring this up ONLY because of the discrimination we suffer at the hands of hearing people. Even I, an oral-deaf person, suffer this. This was one major reason why I left America, as I had seen the writing on the wall of my life in America. What if we could have a Nation of Deaf people. By Deaf people, for Deaf people, and with Deaf people...