Hello everybody! I'm a beginner to ASL.


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Hi, thank you for stopping by and hopefully giving me a warm welcome for it's a pleasure to meet you all! ^ u^)/

I don't use forums often but I've honestly had some trouble finding a site where I can make friends, learn, and grow in the Deaf Community. I am hoping this site will be useful in my endeavours.

I'm learning how to sign (ASL) and still have so much to learn. I'm not attending a college course on the matter but rather self learning with the help of tutors when I can afford the lessons. However, I have no one but said tutors to practice with. So, I'm struggling a lot with retaining but hope to fix it by making friends here.

I'm looking for laid back individuals who dont mind putting up with my beginner level, will video chat, and possibly share some interests that I do. Which I should probably share more about me, huh? Lol. ^ -^);

I love animals. Even have a massive white furball of a cat named Leo. I like Japanese culture, from food, heritages, to main stream shows. I enjoy drawing and do draw for income. Although, a majority of my art is very "anime-like". I read a lot! Mainly supernatural or paranormal stories. On top of that, I also like psychological TV series and movies. Especially on subjects about crime investigations like "cold case" or "forensic files" for example.

Well, I dont want this to be too long so I'll wrap it up here! I look forward to making lot's of friends and learning while I am here.


Hello! I’ve been signing for about 4 years and I feel I could definitely help you out if you want to direct message me. I’m always looking for new practise partners! I'm hard of hearing.
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Better to learn from a Deaf tutor or friends in the community, many Deaf churches have sign classes for hearing, the sign is significantly different with home signers than with the ASL courses.