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I am sure few of you already know who I am. Anyway, introduce myself....My name is Jeffrey Bechtel. I can speak very clearly to communicating with hearing people. I am 21 years old. I live in Northridge, California besides CSUN (California School of University, Northridge) Perhaps you all heard of it, right? I have been raised in Mission Viejo, Orange county, California in my entire life. My school from Preschool to High School is Richard Henry Preschool, Taft Elementary School, Deerfield (6 grader), Venado Middle school, First high school, University High School, Second high school, Tesoro High School (hearing school), last high school CSDR (California School for the deaf, Riverside). Some of you should know me through these schools I went. I am very glad to part of this alldeaf to be in community to get know each other and see what news! :). By the way, nice meeting with you guys! I am forwarding to this site! :)


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