Hello and a few random facts

Persephone M

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:wave: Hello!

:shock: Anyone else find introducing yourself awkward? I joined, like many hearing people, primarily to find sign partners and friends. And I will put more about that in http://www.alldeaf.com/sign-language-oralism/75678-students-looking-asl-buddies-37.html#post2100941.

Some on going jokes in my group of friends are that I should have been, or really am, a man, and that I have an entropic aura which breaks things and theoretically allows me to control undead. :hmm: I'm not crazy, I swear. But I do kind of believe in the crazy aura, I may share stories some time!

I volunteered at a haunted house for several years and is probably my favorite job. I have a naturally creepy cackle, like a witch, which scares children. What I could do, I excelled at, but what I couldn't... was laughable. That is where I met my first Deaf friends... about thirteen years ago. (See? It all relates.)

Uh, yeah, so I guess that's enough narcissistic monologuing. Anything anyone's curious about, just ask! :ty: