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I have been HOH all my life and revently started considering myself deaf. I have been trying to learn my ASL and been get involved with the Deaf community here but it been a challenge with COVID. I live in Oregon and look forward to meeting and making some new deaf friends.


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Keep in mind in general that COVID is a man made virus designed to hurt and kill humans that escaped from a lab in China. It is not the approved narrative and might be censored or moderated because of that. However it's already been admitted by those in a position to know (And back home away from Chinese minders...) and say that yes the lab made a oopsies and here we are.

We as Humans deal with virus and bacteria by the thousands all the time while alive. Its a form of war inside our bodies. Some good things and we stay healthy. Some bad things?: Well we die.

I had spanish flu January of 2019 last year. It ran a fever to about 104.1 and dropped me in 6 hours. I was in the hospital recieving antiviral medicines and told to take it for 5 days and call if there is a problem. On the third day the spanish flu virus made it to my brain and made a general attack for about 30 hours. I had a caregiver with me then. I lost my memory, lost critical thinking and even lost what my name was. You think its funny and impossible and laugh. Go ahead. Thats how people died 100 years ago by the millions (50 or so million to be exact) Without any medicine like what I had with tamiflu.

On the forth day I knew I beat it. But it took about 14 more weeks before I quit being weaker than a baby in my own home. And 6 months before I felt like anything. Stories exist in my family from spanish flu generations ago with grand parents etc. They had it. Survived. But not by much.

Covid? Its horrible. I don't want anyone to have it. Never heard of it until 16 months ago when Wuhan suddenly started running all 7 of their crematories 24/7 and hauling out 30 gallon trash cans of covid victims ashes. It got to America soon enough by airplane. Hundreds of airplanes per day. (Flight watch tracks about 5000 to 9000 planes above the USA all the time.)

I will offer another thought. Its a little again bit of truth and a dangerous one.

Covid is a way in which all people are controlled. As in stay home do nothing. Don't even go outside. Dont be with anyone. etc. etc. etc. We are human. We must be with each other as socially, friends, family, strangers and yes lovers and marrieds and so on across the boards. You do not shut people up. They get lonely, then they get sick and some get suicidal and mental health issues. Children do not learn anything and regress into a mental crisis because they think life is so hard doing nothing at all. And no playing either. Thats the worst thing you can do to a child. Deny playtime and being with others of like kind and age. Its what we are as humans.

Well... we are losing close to 500,000. So sad. Makes me cry sometimes. But... these people already were sick in some way and covid just knocked them over the edge. What it does is hurt the sacs inside our lungs. Our bodies scar over the sacs and tries to carry the toxin and posion away and replace damaged lungs with new tissue. (That takes months.) The lungs scar too much and you die, even if you had pure 100% medical oxygen flooded in your whole body under pressure you still are dead. You have had too much scarring and too much damage to heal at once.

A BIG part of that scarring is the IRON metal inside your blood cells. They pile up over a long time. Then it's difficult to get rid of. How to cure that? Simple. Chop scarred lungs (Both of them) OUT, throw it into incinderator, have a pair of fresh young lungs from a donor who died very recently (As in about 8 hours ago) and put that into your body. And continue to fight the Covid in other parts of your body. You will improve dramatically fast. But there are very few lungs to go around. And people already are smokers, drug users, chemo therapy survivors and other lifestyle choices or problems that will destroy a new set of lungs anyway. Etc etc etc etc.

The other thing that Covid does.... is this... Red blood cell. Very simple little thing carries a oxygen something to all of our cells, gives it up and then picks up trash and waste and carries THAT back to our lungs to breathe OUT and replace with fresh Oxygen back to your cells. There are like millions of cells in a pint of blood. 8 pints to the gallon.

YOUR BODY.... knows that red blood cell has 100 days to live and die. And must be replaced with NEW BLOOD CELLS from your own BONE MARROW. Generally your upper thigh bones, your bigger arm bones, your spine (Lower in particular) and a few of your ribs produce Red Blood Cells.

TO MAKE 1 PINT (Millions) of RED BLOOD CELLS new inside your bones you need 8 weeks.

TO MAKE THE LIQUID WATER, PLASMA etc to CARRY that RED BLOOD Cell you make 1 pint every 48 hours provided you are given plenty of fluids. Your body can get Volume. (If you bled bad in trauma, they can squeeze gallons of pure volume liquid into you fast enough to keep you alive, but then must add a few gallons of fresh transplant blood to keep you alive. MAYBE.)

Ive made a living one year with wife teamed in 18 wheeler to haul blood plasma for FFE out of LA to Avenel NJ where it is distributed to NYC and area. When you load 20 pallets of blood plasma in boxes 7 feet high you are looking at a treasure donated by donor people in the tens of thousands. Im not sure of the weight of the stuff. Its about a gallon per box, something like maybe 5000 gallons or so by volume. It wont be much more than that in the trailers we used. (53 foot reefers keeping them chilled for the 55 hour trip to East coast straight through, priority over everything else. Nothing but elite drivers haul this. Its some of the very best freight in the USA and very life itself to millions.)

The pay matched the top status of these hot loads. Something close to 3000 dollars per week EACH driver. Since there were two of us... The money took care of itself.

Covid kills your red blood cells system wide inside your body. You have about 5 gallons in blood alone. OR... 40 Pints give or take. The other 80% of your body is water. The rest is minerals and chemicals and everything else you need to live well. Your bones make a few pounds.

If you lose the bone marrows, you cannot produce any more blood. (Amputation etc) if you lose enough marrow, then use the remaining time of about a month until death to clear up your affairs and say all the good byes. Because you are not getting enough blood fast enough as normal to stay alive.

Thats what covid does. There are so many other things it can do to people and we are just learning all of them. It will be a while. At some point we will defeat this and it will just be another literaly seasonal "Flu shot once a year."

Thats a whole another problem to all humans. And something for another day.
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